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Can I speak to someone? Supporting the internet platform, there is a team with extended knowledge in all fields of the yachting world. We have combined our skills to make your experience on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) the smartest of all. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care department and we will be more than happy to call you back. I do not want to manage all of this myself? Your captain, or any other duly appointed person (with a valid POA), can receive all the inquiries and sign the validated contracts on your behalf, as your direct representative. Forgot password? 1. Click on "Login" (top right corner of your screen) and select "forgot password?" 2. Enter your email address and click on "Reset my password" 3. You will receive an email on the address notified on your profile. 4. Click on the link and choose your new password. Account blocked? For security reasons, your account will be blocked after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact our Customer Care Team by phone or live chat to assist you. How to modify my password? 1. Login your yachts-agadir.com Account and enter your Profile. 2. Click on "Change your Password" below your profile information 3. Enter your new password, then select "Continue"
Can I cancel my offer? As long as no charter agreement has been signed by both parties, you can cancel it free of charge. To cancel a pending booking request, log in to account. On the section "My Trips", click on "Cancel the request". Can I negotiate the price of my charter? Yes. Exclusively on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM, you can negotiate the price of your charter directly online with the yacht representative. Can I send multiple enquiries? You can only make five enquiries for a set period or overlapping dates, and eight enquiries in total. Should you need help in finding the right option for you, do not hesitate to contact our help desk. Is an inquiry valid for a contract? No. An enquiry is only a booking request. Until the owner and the charterer have signed the e-contract, the booking request is still under negotiation.
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Can I register a yacht if I am not the owner? Yes, as long as you hold any documentation or agreement proving that you are duly authorized to represent and act on behalf of the owner. How can I add my yacht on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G)? To add your boat, create your account and click on “Join the YACHTS-AGADIR.COM fleet”. Find your yacht in our large database or add a new yacht and our team will get back to you. What documents are needed to register my yacht? To register a boat on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM, we need to get a copy of the following documents: certificate of registry, class certificate, and insurance certificates (P&I ). We also need the full details of the captain. You can upload those documents once you have verified your yacht on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM or you can send them by e-mail to contact@yachts-agadir.com. I am a Captain, which documents do I need to register on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM? To register a boat on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM, we will need a copy of the following documents: 1. Vessel: Certificate of the registry, class certificate, and insurance certificate. 2. Your ID and the POA (power of attorney) or any other document granting the authority to act in the name of the owner. You can upload those documents after verifying your yacht on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM, or you can send them by e-mail to contact@yachts-agadir.com. I am a Central Agent, which documents do I need to register my yacht on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM? How can I join YACHTS-AGADIR.COM? You can join YACHTS-AGADIR.COM by registering as an owner, charterer, central agent, or captain. Stay connected and be a part of our community through our social media: follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages or subscribe to our newsfeed on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
When does yachts-agadir.com (S.C.G) pay the yacht owners? As per our Terms & Conditions, full settlements are executed within two working days following the end of the charter. What payment methods can I use on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G)? Payments can be done by wire transfers or credit cards. Is payment secure? We are duly authorized by CMI (CENTRE MONITIQUE INTER BANCAIRE) to hold third parties funds as a recognized financial intermediary. For all charters booked through our platform, YACHTS-AGADIR.COM(S.C.G) holds the charter fee and all related funds securely in escrow until they are released to the owner as per the contract, minus our 10% commission. What is the VAT amount? The Value Added Tax is set according to the fiscal rules of the country of the port of departure. The rate can be influenced by the chosen navigation itinerary.
Can I get feedback from my YACHTS-AGADIR.COM charterers? Yes. The value of the rendered service will be recognized through charterers’ feedback on the YACHTS-AGADIR.COM platform. How should I tip the crew? Tipping has different standards according to countries. The service received is, of course, part of the bespoke package you are entitled to when you purchase your holiday on board a Yacht. However, for the crew, it can be a direct indicator of your level of satisfaction. It usually varies between 15 and 20% of the charter rate. This sum is at the charterer’s entire discretion, and can vary significantly upon the quality of the service received on-board. How will I pay for the charterer expenses during the charter? YACHTS-AGADIR.COM will provide you with an international pre-paid debit card funded with the full APA amount of the charter. You should use this card to pay all expenses during the charter. What are delivery and re-delivery fees? They mean all costs for mobilizing the Yacht from her initial port to the port of embarkation you chose and all the costs for demobilization of the Yacht from the port of disembarkation to her next destination. YACHTS-AGADIR.COM will provide an estimate of those fees during your booking process. You can save these costs by changing your departure and/or arrival port. What is included in the charter fee? The charter fee includes the charter of the yacht, tools, cleaning materials and basic consumable provisions for engine room, deck, galley and cabins. It also includes the ship’s laundry, the crew’s wages, uniforms and food, and the insurance of the yacht and crew. What is included in the charter price? The charter price includes the total charter fee, V.A.T. (if due), delivery and re-delivery fee (if any), security deposit (if any) and advance provisioning allowance. What is the APA? The "Advance Provisioning Allowance" (A.P.A.) is an amount to be paid in advance by the charterer to cover operating costs not already included in the charter fee, which usually amounts to 20% / 30% of the base charter fee. It takes into account expenses such as food & beverages, fuel, berths, or any additional guests requests. In case the APA is not entirely used at the end of the trip, the remaining part is returned to the charterer. During the charter, these expenses can be monitored through our Captain so the charterer can supervise this flow at all times while on board. What is the security deposit? The "Security Deposit" is a refundable deposit paid by the charterer to secure the payment of possible damages to the yacht. It is the owner’s decision to ask, or not, for such a deposit. The amount will be returned within two working days from the date of the yacht’s re-delivery if no damage or liability has occurred during the charter period. Are the yachts insured? All the yachts published are covered by an insurance, subscribed by their respective ship owners. Is there a crew on board the chartered yacht? All yachts available on the platform have permanent professional crew members, who are ready to make your experience on board unforgettable. What documents should I bring for the charter? On the day of departure, please make sure that all the guests hold their ID Or Passports as the Captain will need these documents to complete the "Guest List" when you embark.
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How do I browse yachts? In order to facilitate your research, YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) uses multiple filters. You can browse via location, real-time availability of the yachts, special features, water toys, number of guests, and more. Thanks to our high definition images, and descriptions, you can easily make a selection according to your preferences. If you need assistance, please contact our team who will be happy to help you. How much is YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) service fee? YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) service fee is the only % of the charter fee. How secure is YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G)? The management and protection of the website members’ personal data are governed by the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act. Collected data are stored in a Level 3 Data Centre, and YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) . will process any website member's personal data that shall come to its knowledge, taking at the same time all necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality of such information. As a recognized member, a self-regulating body approved by the (CMI), YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) is duly authorized to engage in the business activity of financial intermediary. All parties sending funds on YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) escrow account will be covered by an overall bank guarantee. How will help me YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) promote my yacht? Your yacht is highlighted on the up-to-date YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G), HD pictures, real-time availability, and details about features, accommodation, crew, and water toys. This information is easily updatable on your member account. We will set up personalized marketing campaigns to promote your yacht online and to the YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) database. I'd like to work with my CA; they know me and I trust them? Using YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) does not require an exclusivity contract as we wish to expand one’s reach, not restrict it. We will offer you solutions so that your broker or agent is able to work with us to your advantage. Contact us for more information on this matter. What is a YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) certified charterer? A YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) certified charterer is a customer from whom we have verified ID, proof of address, and financial reputation, especially regarding MLA (money laundering). What is different about YACHTS-AGADIR.COM? YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) is the only platform where you can openly see all of the inquiries made for your yacht and where a charterer can directly send you his offer. It is a simple, fast, and immediate communication channel. It is the only tool where a client can leave feedback on his incredible experience, which can further benefit your yacht’s reputation. Why do you ask for documents? For the sake of the security of all members and transactions, we verify every member’s identity. Our entire process is therefore fully compliant with all international regulations regarding contractual relationships. We will ask for your ID and proof of address when you make your first booking. You can save time by uploading your documents now so you will be all set. Why should I trust the Internet (compared to an agency)? YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) is not only an Internet platform. Our team is composed of dedicated people with knowledge in all fields of the yachting. We have combined our experience to make your YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) experience as easy, safe, and efficient as possible. You can take immediate actions, see immediate results, and fetch all required documents in one place and in one click. Payment security and integrity are unparalleled as all received payments are stocked in a legitimate escrow account and secured from any dispute YACHTS-AGADIR.COM (S.C.G) might encounter. I'd like to work on a yacht. Can I send you my resume? We are not a crew recruitment agency. However, please feel free to send your resume and we will forward it to our specialized partner to help you find the best opportunity.

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